Our Services

For over 20 years

MEDEA is a company with a consolidated experience in the strategic design and in the promotion of innovative solutions deployment. For over twenty years it has been supporting its customers with high added value services:

Medea operates through:

  • a multidisciplinary team;
  • a methodology based on evidence and impact assessment;
  • validated replicability and scalability strategies.

Innovation Management

The key element for high levels of competitiveness is the deployment of a strong strategic innovation management premising to optimally capture external opportunities for business growth.

  • MEDEA, for over twenty years, supports its customers with high added value services:

    • Positioning of innovation in the global panorama
    • Technology Forecasting and Technology Assessment
    • IPR (intellectual Property Right) and FTO (Freedom to Operate) Analysis
    • Innovation roadmap
    • Innovation deployment
    • Project Management
    • Support for the certification of medical devices
    • Market Analysis and Business Plan
    • Exploitation and Communication strategy
    • Market Analysis and Business Plan
    • Exploitation and Communication strategy
    • Impact assessment

  • Medea’s staff operates through:

    • a methodology based on evidence and assessment of impact of innovative solutions;
    • deep knowledge of quality standards;
    • multidisciplinary approach.

Strategic Planning & Fund Raising

MEDEA is a company with a consolidated experience in strategic planning and fund raising oriented to innovation processes.

  • Medea provides support to customers through high added value solutions refined through over 20 years of experience in the management of strategic projects and networks setting-up.

  • In each phase of the project design, Medea offer customized solutions through the deployment of a co-design approach and a multidisciplinary working-group:

    • definition of the project idea and feasibility study;
    • identification of the proper financial instruments;
    • definition of strategic partnership and stakeholder engagement;
    • co-design and definition of the project architecture;
    • proposal drafting and budget definition;
    • project management and monitoring;
    • evaluation of the project impact;
    • results exploitation strategy;
    • administrative management and financial reporting in accordance with the guidelines.

Impact Assessment

MEDEA provides its customers the evaluation of the socio-economic impact of innovative products and services.

  • In order to support its customers, MEDEA’s goal is:

    • to define innovation paths;
    • to support replication and scalability strategies of successful experiences.

  • MEDEA supports the definition of methodologies, criteria and guidelines for the impact evidence generation, replicability and scaling-up of successful experiences.

    Key elements:

    • use of tools and indicators representing and investigating multidisciplinary and multidimensional aspects of impact;
    • bottom-up approach allowing to integrate the specificities of local experiences, with criteria and parameters supporting the evidence of the obtained results;
    • focusing on the scalability determinants of innovation;
    • software application to support data collection and results reporting.


People are the critical success factor of a project, or a company. A winning business needs competent and motivated human resources.

  • MEDEA provides highly customized training in order to change and improve services and products and also to introduce new technologies in productive and organizational processes.

  • MEDEA provides solutions characterised by:

    • Customised and multidisciplinary approach
    • Excellence
    • On the job training

    Since 2016, MEDEA, together with I+ e Ulster University, organises the Connected Health Summer School: