Medea is responsible for the impact assessment analysis of the first European large scale pilot on smart living for the active and healthy aging: ACTIVAGE
It’s partner of many research and innovation projects with responsibility such as: to define the service model, stakeholder engagement, usability analysis, impact assessment, exploitation of results.

AGAPE: Active aGeing And Personalised service’s Ecosystem

Ambient Assisted Living Programme

Budget: € 2.169.371

ODIN: Leveraging AI based technology

Horizon 2020 – grant agreement n° 101017331

Budget: € 11.375.651,38

PAIR: Physical ActIvity after knee or hip Replacement

Erasmus+ – grant agreement n° 613008-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-SPO-SCP

Budget: € 399.704,00


PHARAON: Trusted digital solutions & Cybersecurity in Health-Care

Horizon 2020 – grant agreement n° 857188

Budget: € 21.319.813,75

SCANFACE: Access control system with facial recognition

Tuscany Region, POR-FESR 2014-2020

Financial support received: € 117.036,07

TV-Assist Dem: TV-based ASSistive Integrated Service to SupporT European adults living with DEMentia

ICT for ageing well

Budget: € 1.115.246,00

REC-VISIO: systems for the detection, transmission, storing and delivery of the referee visual perspective

Tuscany Region, POR-FESR 2014-2020

Financial support received: € 92.693,70

(Italian Law 124/2017 requires the publication on the company website of the list in table format of the Public Aid and Contributions received by MEDEA S.r.l.)

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Aiuti e Contributi Pubblici / Public Aid and Contributions – 2020 (pdf)
Aiuti e Contributi Pubblici / Public Aid and Contributions – 2021 (pdf)