Course on the impact assessment of the Family and Community Nurse service

The general objective of the course is to provide skills and tools for the planning, monitoring, evaluation and maximization of innovative interventions and continuous improvement of services.

The methodology includes a classroom phase with frontal lessons and presentation of use cases of innovation experiences in the reference social-health services at European level, group work, flipped classroom, on-the-job training and return of the works.

The participants, organizational positions of the Department of Nursing and midwifery of the USL Toscana Centro, worked in homogeneous groups on the co-design of an impact evaluation system of the Family and Community Nurse service.

The outcomes of the course are:
– acquisition of awareness of the value of innovation and the relevance of impact assessment, with specific attention to the tools to be implemented to intercept needs, improve existing services and guide the introduction of new services;
– sharing of a base of homogeneous knowledge and skills among the figures involved, in the context of the design and evaluation of innovative services, so as to favour the replication of successful experiences;
– co-design of tools and acquisition of skills to enhance the results generated both towards citizens and decision makers, highlighting the intercepted needs and the dimension of value generated for the various actors involved.