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Medea Academy 2023

Home Integrated Care at the turning point: Innovation as the way forward for services sustainability

June 26-29, 2023 – Fattoria di Maiano, Florence (Italy)

Medea Academy 2022The COVID-19 pandemic has globally reinforced the necessity of strengthen care in territorial settings and joining up health and social care services, especially at home. What is the role of innovation and services transformation within this challenge? According to the priorities of Next Generation EU strategy, digital innovation has to be enhanced as enabling growth strategy of European societies, increasing services accessibility and sustainability. The Medea Academy will focus on how to design, assess and maximize the value generated through the innovation in health and social care.

The MEDEA Academy, co-organized by an international partnership, hosted in a wonderful location on the Tuscany’s hills just above Florence, is designed to offer a unique multidisciplinary training experience for early career researchers and stakeholders who are focusing on the different domains related to innovation in integrated care services. The Academy, through a multi-disciplinary and cross-sectors perspective, will deliver formal teaching, practical experiences and working groups over a period of 4 days around enabling technologies, health, social science, service policies and sustainability.

Training will be delivered by a multidisciplinary team of experts with a track record in research, co-design, implementation and evaluation of technology-based healthcare services. They will share their knowledge and expertise to co-design, deliver and assess the impact of innovative solutions and services. A number of exemplar Case Studies and best practices at local and European level will be discussed.

Due to the strong international connotation, its specific education format, the coaching and the intense working group activities, the Academy will strength the synergy between research and services communities and enable strategies to promote collaboration, best practice sharing and introduction of service innovation towards a more effective, sustainable, personalized home integrated care.



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How to reach Fattoria di Maiano – Italy (by Car)

How to reach Fattoria di Maiano – Italy (by Train/Bus)

Medea Academy - TestimonialsRachele Marziali
“I think that the MEDEA Academy lays solid foundations for working on projects regarding innovation in social and healthcare contexts. The training days are structured by alternating frontal lessons with extremely enriching group activities supervised by experts. The climate is serene and welcoming and the discussion is constant!”.

Medea Academy - TestimonialsSerena Malloggi
“The MEDEA Academy was an excellent opportunity to address the difficult topic of introducing innovation in social and care contexts. This summer school offers a solid theoretical basis on the topic, providing also useful practical tools to introduce innovative services in your own working context. In this respect, the group activities and focus groups have been extremely formative.”.

Medea Academy - TestimonialsRory Coyne
“The MEDEA Academy was an excellent learning opportunity for me as a PhD student in Psychology. I had never conducted a focus group interview before, and the training and resources I acquired at the MEDEA Academy provided me with the skills necessary to apply this approach successfully”.

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