Application usability evaluation
Vita Nova: an adaptive service to reduce cardiovascular and metabolic risk in pre-menopausal and menopause women

The Vita Nova project aims at creating an adaptive application capable of proposing personalized strategies to improve the women lifestyle approaching the menopause, adapting the suggestions to the type of person, its symptoms, the individual condition and also the availability of resources (leisure or economic).

The application, easily usable on smartphones or tablets, provides support for the control and management of cardiovascular and metabolic risk. In the medium to long term, the aim is to improve the quality of life and the state of health.

Vita Nova has enormous replicability potential, as its adaptive service model can be applied to other chronic conditions or co-morbidities.

MEDEA is responsible for the usability assessment and user engagement for:
– analysis of user-centered needs;
– user profiling;
– checks and tests of usability and user acceptance.

Additionally, Medea took care of acquiring data from wearable fit-bit sensors for the extraction of motor activity; of data export.

Budget: € 1.694.212,57

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Made in collaboration with: Signo Motus Srl , CNR-IIT, LUCENSE, Università di Pisa