Partecip.AGE: Supporting community participation and social inclusion of Ageing People with Intellectual Disabilities.


Today, People with Intellectual Disabilities (PWID) are living far longer than previous generations due to advances in medicine, rehabilitation, technology, etc.


Data highlight that this specific target group is facing a double vulnerability: early ageing and intellectual disability.
Their early aging puts them in the position to requires more and more support and care in the activities of everyday life.


The main objective of Partecip.AGE is enhanced community and social inclusion of Ageing People with Intellectual Disabilities (APWID).


Specific Objectives are: supported rights of APWID; enhanced competences of service providers’ staff to support APWID; reduced barriers for APWID social inclusion, enhanced inclusive approach of community towards APWI.


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In collaboration with:
1. UNI Galway
2. Fondazione INTRAS
3. Mariaberg
4. Panagia Eleousa
5. Medea s.r.l.