Save the date: 21st October 2020 – The Activage Virtual Experience Day

We are really happy to announce the relaunch of the ACTIVAGE EXPERIENCE DAY that will take place on 21st October 2020.

Considering the current worldwide situation the event will be online. However, we are taking advantage of this format to bring the ACTIVAGE scenarios closer to our guests with the augmented reality technology, so you will really feel the ACTIVAGE experience.

This vibrant session is organized through four main tracks where we will showcase the impact achieved over the most relevant aspects of the project:

· The ACTIVAGE Experience of 8.000 senior people and caregivers, that are already enjoying active and healthy aging services attending their health and social needs.

· The ACTIVAGE Values and results achieved in 12 European cities and regions after three yearlong piloting active ageing solutions and services.

· The ACTIVAGE technology impact on the Internet of Things for health and social care that maximize security, privacy and ethical compliance.

· The Kick-Off of ACTIVAGE.ORG organization that will scale up the ACTIVAGE Ecosystem throughout new European regions in the next 5 years.

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