Connected Health Summer School 2019

Connected Health Summer School 2019

This Summer School has been designed for early career researchers and delegates who are focusing on the research and development of Smart Homes and health services for PLwD. Delegates are members of Public or private Organizations, interested in the Connected Health domain, willing to take part at the Summer School and parallel strategic initiatives events.

The School has a program of activities, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, which will offer training in technology, health, social science and business topics. Summer School 2019 has 2.5 ECTS equivalency.

Students will attend overall sessions and specific working group activities, while delegates will be able to attend all the sessions of the Summer School and related networking and social events.

Technical sessions will have a heavy practical focus, allowing participants to gain experience with sensing, data collection, processing, visualization and interpretation of data that can be collected within a Smart Home. These techniques will then be applied to meet the real needs of end users, according to a user-centered approach and engagement strategies.

Brochure CHSS 2019: clicca qua

The submission of applications for admission and subsequent registration must take place by accessing to the website:

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